Southeast Psych

Southeast Psych Studios produces videos that help people understand psychology better and see how it can improve their lives. The videos are organized by topic ("Parenting", "Stress" etc.), personality ("Dr. Craig Pohlman"), or by show ("Peak Performance for Athletes"). Some of the videos are brief (3-5 minutes), while others, especially the SHOWS, are a little longer (7-10 minutes). All the content is free. Just click on a video and it learn how psychology can enhance your life.

Our clients have given us terrific feedback about the experiences they have had at Southeast Psych and the services we provide. In a recent satisfaction survey of 122 randomly selected clients, we earned an overall rating of 3.9 out of a possible 4.0. Our clients rated us as superior in every category from the waiting room experience to the quality of service they got from their therapist.

Our team includes some of the best clinicians anywhere with professionals who have been educated and trained at some of the country's finest universities, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Duke, Brown, UVA, and UNC-Chapel Hill. But we don't just hire people based on education and training alone, we also make sure they are a good fit for us and for our clients. To work for us, they must have easily relatable and engaging personalities.

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