Frequently Asked Questions

What is Southeast Psych Studios? Southeast Psych Studios produces videos that help people understand psychology better and see how it can improve their lives. The videos are organized by topic ("Parenting", "Stress", etc.), personality ("Dr. Craig Pohlman"), or by show ("Peak Performance for Athletes").

How long are the videos? Some of the videos that tackle one topic are brief (3-5 minutes), while others, especially the SHOWS, are a little longer (20 or so minutes).

Who are the videos for? They are for everyone. The studios produce videos that help the general public understand psychological ideas or practices ("What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy") or learn new information that can make their lives better ("Better Communication in Relationships").

How do I use it? Search by topic, personality, or show, then simply click the link or image and the video show begin playing for you.

How much does it cost? Nothing. It's free.

How is the studio website connected to Southeast Psych? Southeast Psych runs the website and is responsible for its content. The views of some hosts or guests may represent their own, however, and may not be the official views of Southeast Psych.

What is Southeast Psych? Southeast Psych is an innovative psychology practice in Charlotte, NC that has more than 30 clinicians with a wide range of specialties. The practice also runs a coffee shop and bookstore called Insomnia and has a small publishing press called Hero House.

Where are the videos filmed? There is a production studio in the Southpark office of Southeast Psych. While most of the videos are shot there, some others are filmed on location, including the American Psychological Association's annual convention.

What are your plans for the future? Our plans are to add more videos to our library every week and hopefully be able to offer live streaming videos from our studios and during special events. We are also developing new SHOWS and new programs for the near future.

How do I give feedback, ask questions, or make suggestions? If you want to send an email, send us a note at If you need to call, our number is 704-552-0116. We love getting suggestions for topics, guests, and ways to improve. We are open and receptive to any complaints, but we also love to get notes of encouragement, too.

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